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What we offer

We plan Pre-School activities around the individual child’s interests and needs.  We try to link the story session, creative activity, circle time and songs together to draw in these interests.

Although in demand we try to keep numbers small to ensure the needs of each individual child are met. You should expect a maximum of around 16 children in at any one time with 3 - 4 members of staff dependent on the ratio's for the given day. 


We offer a range of activities to promote different areas of learning;


Our weekly PE sessions can include yoga, obstacle courses and games to promote physical activity. Once a term we invite an outsourced session in to allow the children to try new things. Football and dance are often favorites amongst the children. We finish the academic year off in July with our annual sports day. The relay is always a good one for spectators! 



We try to get out and about on a Friday morning. This could be going for a walk to scavenge leaves and conkers for crafts, forest Friday, a trip to the local farm where we often get to see animals and machinery or a trip down the lane to the park. We ask for 1 volunteer parent/guardian per Friday for one hour to help facilitate this. 



Music sessions which include experimenting with instruments, singing and also movement. 


Crafts including drawing/mark making/painting and using a range of different materials to create masterpieces. You should expect to fill many a wall with your children's artwork! 

Within the preschool room itself we have a cosy book reading or quiet corner and also a home corner/role play area. We were recently donated a "farmers market" from a school leaver which we are grateful for. 

The pièce de résistance is definitely our large garden to play in with a range of outdoor toys. Bikes, scooters, ride on toys, sand, water, slide, mud kitchen, balls, hoops etc. We try to get out in the garden every day, all year round, weather dependent. 

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