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A Day at Preschool


Our day starts at 9am. We are ready and waiting for the children to arrive with some play activities set up. This may consist of the farm, dolls house, cars and garage or even some messy foam play. There is always a story being read in the cozy corner too. 

The children search for their name and then the bags and coats are hung on the pegs. Packed lunch bags are dropped into the box and the snack is popped into the bowl.

Some children have older siblings at big school and may need dropping off first, but everyone has usually arrived by quarter past 9. 

Our registration see's all children sat on the mat listening for their names. The preschool names and pictures come into their own here. 


During all sessions, water is available for the children to help themselves to.  At morning snack time children are offered milk or water together with a selection of fruit, vegetables, breads or other healthy snacks. 


We ask that every child bring in a healthy snack each day, this is then shared amongst the children.  We cut up all of the fruit and pop into bowls, the children then have a buffet style table where they can pick what they would like to eat for snack. We find that children try all sorts of things that perhaps they wouldn't usually fancy at home. 

They then pour their own drink, with assistance if needed. 


Our lunch hour begins at 12pm. Children sit around two large square tables to enjoy their packed lunch. We have jugs of water on the tables which the children can help themselves to, but we are always on hand to help where needed. 


We encourage the packed lunches to be varied and healthy although we do make exceptions for the odd birthday cake! We are a NO NUT setting. We believe this is all good preparation for starting big school.

Toilet and Potty training

We do not require your child to be toilet trained in order to attend Tytherington Pre-School.  We are happy to change nappies and soiled clothes if accidents occur.  Please provide changing equipment i.e. nappies, wipes and nappy bags and a change of clothes in a named bag.

When the time comes that you wish to give the training a go. Let a member of staff know and we will happily work with you to navigate the process.

What to wear

Your child will be encouraged to explore different materials such as paint, glue, water, dough and clay, and despite wearing plastic aprons they may get a little messy or wet, so please make sure your child wears comfortable, easily washed clothes. We also request that they bring a change of clothes in a named bag to Pre-School each day.

The children take part in physical activities at Pre-School and therefore non slip shoes are recommended, velcro fastenings make it easier for the children to be more independent when it is necessary to remove their shoes.  We request that the children do not wear ‘flip-flop’ type shoes

The Pre-School has a set of wellies and waterproof dungarees for use when playing outdoors, as we may still wish to take the children out when the grass is wet.  Please send a named coat appropriate for the weather. 

what to wear.jpg

We have optional uniform of a polo shirt and sweater with our name and logo on. The children are fond of the green dinosaur and the parents are pleased any glue or paint spillages stay away from the nice clothes! We keep stock of these in pre school so please enquire within if you would like to purchase. Polo Shirts are £8 and Sweatshirts £10.

In the warmer months, please pop a hat in their bag and apply some suncream. 

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