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How we are run

Management Committee

Our preschool is a charity, a non-profit organisation; run by a management committee made up of volunteers who have overall management and control of the preschool. The committee must have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 12, 60% of which must be family members of children that attend the preschool. 

The three main positions in the committee must be elected at each AGM. These are the chair, treasurer, and secretary. All committee members are also charity trustees of the preschool. The committee must hold 2 meetings per year, although we tend to hold them termly, usually on weekday evenings at the preschool.

Being a member allows you to have your say on how the preschool is run. If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you. 

Current Committee Members 

Sally Creed - Chairperson 

Sally Johnson - Treasurer 

Sarah Page - Secretary & Head of Fundraising 

Sophie Johnson 

Amy Oxenham 

Gabby Harris 

Hannah Dungey 

Holly Scrimshaw 

Laura Wheatley 


As well as assisting the staff with the day to day running of the preschool, the committee also fundraise to to assist the preschool financially. We hold regular fundraising events which are varied, fun and often a social occasion during which you can meet likeminded people. Pictured above are some members of the committee along with our manager at the village May Day celebration. 


We look forward to your support at these events. We're always open to fresh new ideas, so if you have any ideas for fundraising, please let a committee member know. Any help is welcomed, and many hands really do make light work! 


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